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The New Yahoo Is Here

Posted by Syberplanet on January 17th, 2009 - 1,774 views


The world’s most visited webpage,, has just had a major re-design (available for now at ) and Syber Blog has the inside story. As well as the first in-depth look at the new

The re-design is officially flagged as a “preview” (aka beta) and it isn’t yet the default homepage.

The new looks includes a nice and clean user interface, smooth sliding featured services on the right and inbuilt search for major sites like ebay,  and EA Games


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5 Responses to “The New Yahoo Is Here”

  1. That doesn’t look like Yahoo’s new design. Look at the screenshot carefully and look at the graphics. Now, compare them with the current Yahoo’s web page. The current one has better graphics. That screenshot is either some custom made/fake or some old Yahoo design.

  2. @ asharfi
    Look at this post from the yahoo’s official blog which was posted on september17th 2008 announcing the face lift of and the post above is true.

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